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Rails: Optimizing Database Indexes using query_analyzer and query_reviewer

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When trying to identify various database query indexes (indices?) for optimizing databases, two plugins are useful.

Query Analyzer is very useful and has been around for a quite some time. It runs an EXPLAIN on each query sent to database and prints tabular output on console.

Query Reviewer is a new one that I used recently. It is very similar to Query Analyzer in functionality. However, it displays the result rendered on top of you existing page using absolutely positioned divs. It is well designed to be not very intrusive and can be enabled/disabled.

Both plugins require just installing them in vendor/plugins folders. That’s it.

Warning: Both these plugins work with mysql database only, since they depend on mysql’s EXPLAIN command.

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Written by Sharad

September 18th, 2009 at 2:14 pm

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